Training Videos

We have compiled a series of training videos to assist you in using the EMS software suite, whether you have a cloud-based or on-site installation. These videos are intended to provide new users with a helpful introduction to the system, as well as serve as a refresher for existing users. We understand that it can be frustrating to search through help files to perform a simple task, so we’ve created these videos to make things easier. Please note that while these videos cover many basic tasks, they are not comprehensive and do not cover every aspect of the system. If you have a specific task that you would like us to create a training video for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page. We are always happy to help.


View Live Data

This our first training video on the EMS Software covering how to log in and view your live sensor data.

Please follow along  with the series to get a basic overview of how the system operates and the functions and features that may be of interest to your application.


This training video covers all about alarms and how the EMS software suite handles different types of alarms. Learn how to cancel , acknowledge and reset alarms on the EMS system.

Edit Mode

Here you will learn how to carry out all of the major functions within EMS from adding sensors, renaming sensors, setting the alarm parameters and much more. This is a vital video for anyone learning about their EMS IceSpy system.

Email Alerts

This training video covers how to set up email alerts for your sensors. 

User Accounts

If you need to add or remove user accounts from you EMS IceSpy system this training video will explain how to do so along with setting the permissions for individual users.