Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver (Base Station)

hanwell icespy network receiver

The Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver, also known as the IN-NR001F1, is a device that collects data from multiple sensors within the Hanwell IceSpy wireless system. This Network Receiver uses standard TCP/IP communication protocols to ensure fast data handling. Despite collecting data from multiple sources, the generated network traffic is minimal and the data is automatically sorted and filed.

The Network Receiver is designed to maintain constant communication with the software but also has user-configurable fallback behaviour in the event of network or power failure. It comes equipped with an on-board battery that can last up to five days and a memory that can hold data for at least five days for up to 50 sensors. The front panel LED indicators display power availability (green), alarm conditions (red), and communications (yellow). The Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver is powered by 12VDC with a UK mains adapter included.

Some features of the Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver include TCP/IP communication via RJ45 connector, optional Wi-Fi communication, on-board relays for common alarm and power failure with volt-free contact, and RS485 output. The device is also equipped with a replaceable battery that can be easily accessed by the user, and a wall mountable bracket for convenient placement. It complies with various standards such as BS EN 12830, RoHS, EU directives, and WEEE, and carries the CE marking. The device has an IP53 ABS construction with dimensions of approximately 195 x 148 x 45mm and weighs around 450g. It operates within an environment of 0 to +40C, with 0-100% RH non-condensing (storage to -40C).


Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver Datasheet