How IceSpy Works

hanwell icespy cloud

Hanwell EMS IceSpy Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Our Cloud-based EMS software option is hosted and managed on a cloud-based server. The only local IT requirement would be an internet-enabled network point for each base unit.

Advantages of the Cloud option:

  • No software installation on your site
  • You can check live temperatures from anywhere
  • Remote support available & included 
  • You will be alerted by email if the cloud service is not receiving data from your site(s)

The Cloud option includes:

  • Up to 2 sites per subscription
  • Automatic daily Data Backups
  • 10 user login accounts
  • SSL certificate

The system will be accessible via all internet enabled devices, including Smartphones.

An example can be viewed here:

Username = Demo User     Password = Demo

hanwell icespy sensors

Within your facility, sensors are strategically positioned to monitor various parameters such as temperature, humidity, and door events, among others. These sensors transmit data wirelessly to a base unit that remains in constant communication with cloud servers. This allows you to access real-time data through any internet-enabled device, making it possible to monitor your facility from anywhere, at any time.

By having sensors installed and linked to cloud servers, you gain access to valuable information that can help you make informed decisions to improve your facility’s performance, efficiency, and safety. For example, you can use the data collected to adjust your HVAC system and ensure optimal conditions for your employees or equipment. Additionally, you can receive notifications if a door is left open, indicating a potential security breach.

The ability to access live data remotely through an internet-enabled device makes it easier for you to stay informed about what’s happening in your facility and take action when necessary. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way you manage your facility, saving you time and money, while improving safety and efficiency.

If you currently possess the IceSpy system 5 hardware, we are pleased to inform you that an upgrade path is readily available to modernize your technology to the latest version of IceSpy. For further information, kindly reach out to us through our contact page or alternatively, utilise the book a demo form. One of our representatives will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide you with the available upgrade options.

icespy system 5