Hanwell IceSpy Sensor Range

hanwell icespy sensors

The device uses 1.5V AA batteries (lithium is recommended) and has an approximate lifespan of two years. It also features onboard datalogging for five days in case of signal loss and can be backfilled via RFID to the Hanwell ARB Module. The device is encased in ABS material that is watertight up to IP65 (specific transmitter model dependent) and can travel up to 300m line of sight (with repeater modules available). The standard temperature probes can be used in applications as cold as -200°C or as high as +350°C. Additionally, the device complies with BS EN 12830, RoHS, EU directives, and WEEE and bears the CE marking.

The Hanwell IceSpy range of products offers a wide range of sensors suitable for monitoring temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters. The sensors in this range are designed to provide accurate and reliable data, with options such as wireless connectivity and cloud-based data storage for easy access and monitoring. Some of the sensors in the Hanwell IceSpy range include temperature probes, humidity sensors, door switches, and pressure sensors, making it a versatile and comprehensive solution for various industries and applications.

Here are the datasheets for the Hanwell IceSpy range of transmitters:

Here are the datasheets for the Hanwell IceSpy range of sensors covering the following applications

  1. External thermistor
  2. External thermistor & Door
  3. Thermocouple
  4. Thermocouple & Door
  5. PT100
  6. PT100 & Door
  7. RH/T
  8. 0-1V Output
  9. 0-5V Output
  10. 0-10V Output
  11. 4-20mA Output
  12. Differential Pressure